All things being equal, although George Orwell in the famous Animal Farm already said, “some animals [things] are more equal than the others”, this blog would have been live for a long time now.

This small blog houses technical notes from experience, research, or whatever new I learn and felt should be shared or documented for future reference. And it is a good note to self because I always reference past drafts, journals of solutions/fixes/thoughts/everything else.

To the technical part, there is nothing fancy going on here.

Nginx, PHP 7.4.1, and MariaDB 10.3 on a small Ubuntu DO Droplet powers this small WordPress + Twenty Twenty Seedlet theme.

Hosting is now done by Pressable + Twenty Twenty Three theme.

I may change the theme or server over time but the focus is content for now. I am not a fan of over-engineering simple stuff, it’s just a waste of time except for learning/ exploratory purposes.

Feb 11, 2020: I graduated from the Udacity Cloud DevOps Nanodegree program

Mar 1, 2020: I have about 14 article drafts and have not published them.

Done is better than perfect.

Unknown source (I like it because it is popular)

May 3, 2020: I read Automattic’s creed. The two creeds that resonate with me are:

And this unrelated thought hit me:

You never know how much you know until you share the little you know.

Promise Akpan (In an evening shower before writing an Nginx reintroduction)

July 2020: I started full-time as a DevOps Engineer at Incsub. 🎉

And I still have a lot of drafts waiting to be published. 🤦🏽‍♂️

February 2021: I started full-time as a Support Engineer at Kinsta. 🎉

May 2022: I started full-time as a Support Engineer on the WordPress VIP team at Automattic. 🎉

Disclaimer: The opinions shared in this blog are mine alone.